The Movie “Bustin ‘Down The Door” Is Now On DVD

During the winter of 1975 in Hawaii, the world of surfing was rocked when a group of young surfers from Australia and South Africa sacrificed everything to create a sport, culture, and industry that today produces millions of dollars, and that has captured the imagination of the world. With a totally new approach and a colonial attitude, these surfers crashed headlong into a culture that was unprepared for revolution. Surfing would never be the same again. One of those surfers was the world champion Mark Richards, born in a small town in New South Wales near Newcastle (Australia), where he still lives selling surfboards.

The normal thing would be that we could enjoy this film in the cinema, but as I see it difficult, I leave you a trailer so that you can check what this authentic historical document is about.

One of the young protagonists is Mark Richards, a famous surfer and one of the best shapers of today, a precursor of the twin fin, charismatic and nicknamed the seagull for his particular style of surfing.

Richards is now promoting a new documentary, “Bustin Down the Door,” the chronicles of an impressive group of young people who changed the course of surfing. Richards spoke exclusively with Paul Fischer.

QUESTION: When you came up with this, to offer you the movie, what were your first thoughts about reliving that period in your life?

MARK RICHARDS: Well, I guess my first two thoughts were, “Great! I have to go to Hawaii, do an interview, and spend a few days surfing.” And the second thought was one of fear. It had been a long time, and I didn’t know if I could remember everything. He was also a bit apprehensive about conducting the interviews and was going through a process of depression.

QUESTION: You grew up in Newcastle, right?


QUESTION: Did you have any hope that all of this would come true, that you would end up in Hawaii, and that you would become part of this subculture?

MARK RICHARDS: Not at all. When I was little, I had no aspiration to be a competitive surfer. It was an unattainable dream to go to Hawaii. I never believed it could happen. I had already chosen to be a shaper, so after a few years, I left high school. The reason for wanting to make surfboards was that I wanted to work in the surfing industry because it seemed like most professional surfers who did it could leave their responsibilities when there were waves and take them back when there were none. So it seemed like a very enviable job. Even in those years, in the time frame that the movie is set in between ’74 and ’76, you know, I honestly didn’t share the same vision that Rabbit had. Being a professional surfer and the future of professional surfing. And I think, you know, Shawan even admits it in the movie, that he was thinking of going back to South Africa and going back to college after the North Shore winter. It was really Rabbit who had a firm vision that one-day professional surfing would take off and be a viable sport.

QUESTION: When you first arrived on the North Shore of Hawaii, what were your impressions?

MARK RICHARDS: I imagine the first time I went was in 1972, and I was completely in awe of the place, and the size of the waves. The movies and photos he had seen did not do justice to the majesty of the ocean. I really went there, to a certain extent, like a selfish young Australian hoping to get there and crash the waves. Because I had seen a lot of movies where I was these guys surfing giant waves, it seemed like they were just hovering over the waves without making any turns. Sure, I came from a small wave environment where you do a lot of turns. That first year I was there, I was hoping to surf very well in big waves doing many turns as I did in small Australian waves. But it is that I had no vision or compression, I did not understand the size, power, and intensity of those waves, and the fact that just taking one without doing any maneuvering, just lowering it in a straight line was already an achievement.

QUESTION: Were you surprised by the large Australian presence in Hawaii at that time – Rabbit, you and the rest?

MARK RICHARDS: I guess it was surprising that we all got to the same moment. And really, I think it was a generational handover. Because we, Shawn, Rabbit, Ian Cairns, Peter Townend and I, and Mark and Tomson, all the protagonists of the film were almost the same years. It was the combination of all our dreams that got us there and surfing. I think it was a unique moment in time where you had surfers from different countries and nationalities, all driving to the North Shore, all hoping to ride big waves well, and all on a mission to try and win one of those championships.

Smart Window Film for Businesses

Smart Window Film for Businesses
The technology behind smart window film is so advanced that it can turn an entire
office into a private cubicle, board room, or bathroom. Not only will the film make
the room more private film กระจก, but it can also keep onlookers from looking inside your room.
It is also an excellent solution for bathroom windows, as it won’t block out the light
you need for privacy. Rather than switching on and off the window film, you can
simply flip a switch to control the level of light.

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Smart window film is self-adhesion film that can be applied to windows and doors.
The material is made of polymer dispersed liquid crystals (PDLC), which can switch
from opaque to transparent fast smart film glass. Unlike conventional films, smart window film is cost
effective and easy to apply. It is also scratch-resistant. Smart film is available in two
types, adhesive and non-adhesive.
Switchable smart film is available in different widths, including 1500mm. It is
available in custom shapes and sizes, and can be applied on existing windows. It can
be switched from clear to private in seconds, adding value to any space. It can be
applied to windows, doors, or any other transparent surface. It also makes a great
projection screen. The versatile and easy-to-use product is suitable for commercial
and residential applications.
PDLC smart window film can be installed in a variety of ways. The film can be a
simple frosted privacy window film or it can become crystal clear and visible. For
businesses, PDLC smart film is usually a better choice than electrochromic glass. A
professional can help you choose the best option for your business. They have the
experience to properly install the film, including hiding the wires and cutting to the
proper size and shape.
PDLC smart window film is a laminated glass product composed of two layers of
conductive interlayers. These layers enable the film to change the appearance of
glass from clear to opaque. When electricity is removed, the film/tint returns to its
scattered positions. This technology is very versatile and has many applications.
Here are some of the advantages of PDLC smart window film. The film is available at
a range of prices.

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ElectraTint smart window films have many benefits for businesses. They can be used
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ElectraTint smart window films are easy to install, and they come with a lifetime
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have your windows tinted or frosted, depending on your needs. It is easy to change
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works great with existing glass. Depending on your needs, ElectraTint smart window
film can improve the appearance of your windows while making them more
comfortable and enjoyable.
If you’re looking for a smart way to save money on energy costs, consider installing
photochromic window film. These films can cut glare by as much as 85%, and are
effective in reducing airborne debris and falling glass shards. They are easy to
install, and can be removed by a professional if needed. There are some things you
should keep in mind before attempting to install photochromic film.
A photochromic film’s tint can vary from fifteen to 25 percent, and provides a higher
level of light rejection. This allows you to block glare from reaching electronic
devices while allowing natural light to pass through. In addition to blocking glare,
photochromic film protects against harmful ultraviolet rays, which cause skin cancer
and fading. Photochromic window film’s energy efficiency is another benefit. It saves
energy bills and recoups its cost, which is a valuable factor in any home.

How to Use a Skincare Device at Home

How to Use a Skincare Device at Home
In today’s world, there are many ways to achieve healthy skin, and at-home skincare devices
can help you achieve these goals hair removal device. Not only can they improve the condition of your skin, they can
target specific problems as well. If you are looking for ways to use a skincare device at home,
consider the following tips. Here are some of the most popular methods. The benefits of these
devices are as follows:

Droplette Skincare Device Review | InStyle
LED Light Therapy: You can get the same wavelengths used by professional dermatologists.
These wavelengths are transmitted through LED lights that gently prick the skin Beautyfoomall. Various
treatments can improve skin texture, calm inflammation and reduce breakouts. The device emits
a small current into the skin to oxygenate it and prevent future breakouts. White LED lights are
also available and penetrate deep into the skin to speed wound healing and promote collagen
Dermaroller: Another popular skincare device is the GloPRO Microneedling Regeneration Tool.
The device uses tiny microneedles to stimulate collagen production and restore facial volume. In
addition to producing collagen, the device also supports topical skincare absorption. In addition,
the device also features LED red light therapy and microcurrent stimulation. Using one of these
devices at home can help you improve the condition of your skin without spending a lot of

Best Beauty Buys 2021: The Best Facial Devices That Are Worth Your Money -  The Singapore Women's Weekly
IPL: This device is a multipurpose device that offers both skin rejuvenation and hair removal
benefits. The most common home IPL device is for hair removal, but it also works on skin
rejuvenation. The Faustina IPL device is designed for facial rejuvenation, while the Viss IPL
device targets acne and hair removal. The light bypasses the epidermis and gently heats the
cells in the dermis.
Microdermabrasion: This weekly at-home skincare device mimics the effects of in-office
microdermabrasion. It works by a spinning component that exfoliates the skin and a pump
system to engulf dead skin. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. John Diaz recommends this
device for his patients. A microdermabrasion treatment is a great way to achieve smooth,
glowing skin.
LED Mask: Another at-home skincare device is an LED mask. These devices emit light to
stimulate skin cells. Light from these devices can help with wrinkles, redness, and acne.
Different colors have different effects, but red lights stimulate collagen production while blue
lights help kill bacteria. LED masks can help you get a younger-looking complexion without
having to visit a dermatologist. And many of them are FDA-approved, so you can rest assured
that you’ll be safe when using them.
Microneedling is another popular home skincare device. A microneedling device sends an
electrical current to the skin, which causes oxygen to be released. This helps the active
ingredients in skincare products to penetrate the skin. However, if you have a skin condition that
prevents you from using microneedling, you should avoid buying this device. It can be
expensive, so opt for the electric version instead.


When it comes to knowing about this, listening to good music makes you feel happy and comfortable. Nowadays, peoples are showing much interest in buying a good audio system for feeling the music. In this way, so many of them are spending lots of money and investment to set up a good and best audio system in their indoors. Basically, a good audio system means producing clarity of sound and so that it will be easy for the listener to make mixing and editing. On placing the sound system, there are many procedures involved to get clear clarity and effects.

What Exactly is a Laptop 'Display Audio' Driver?

Have a look at this article and get more information about considerable and effective audio systems. An audio system is not only for listening to music, but there is also much professional information involved in it. In the cine field, there is no work without an audio system. Basically, in that field, it is an essential one to make the mixing of audios in music in an effective manner. When arranging a sound system, the sound should be great, articulate, accurate, warm, balanced, and clear even on high volumes transparent. So that when we play Chiefway Smart Glass good source material, it feels like the musicians are in the room with me.


Woofers and surrounding speakers


To make the perfect sound system, woofers and surrounding speakers are the most important ones. The working of the woofer is producing low sound with a high amount of bass. Are you planning for a smartglass home theatre in your room, and then woofer is the most important need. So that it reproduces a band of frequencies below 30Hz level with a great feel. If you once planned for it, then you need to concentrate professionally. The calculation of the room size and acoustic details are should be noted thoroughly. The room’s own acoustic properties are of paramount importance.

Free Monitor Images

If you put the best woofer in an acoustically poor room, then you’ll get very poor bass performance. So you have frequently come across monitoring systems where to have added a subwoofer in the hope of curing a weak or lumpy bass response, only to discover the situation either doesn’t improve or actually gets worse. If you spend some time thinking about placing the speakers properly, then you will make the best of your surround sound setup. Don’t worry about your investment, listen, and feel the sound by your living place itself.


Speaker placement 


To attain good clarity and effects, first, you need to assemble your sound system in the right place. Placing your sound system is like wherever you want, such as indoor or outdoor. On based on indoors, If you can’t get the speaker into a position that is level with your ears, then try to angle the speaker up or down slightly. Just try to ensure it is pointing at your head when you are sitting down. This will make you more consistent sound when the audio is panned across your respected device such as television or desktop etc. so before knowing to place your right audio system, please get the right knowledge about speakers and audio systems.

How smart technology is changing business

How smart technology is changing business?

Smart Communities — How Tech Will Enhance Coliving | by Qwerky | The Future of Living | MediumWith the growth of technology, you can see a lot of changes in the business and helps you to grow your business in an effective manner. With the help of new and advanced technology, it becomes easy for you to grow your business without having any kind of issues and hassle. At present, technology is developing and adapting so fast that it becomes essential for you to change the technology and adopt business system solutions new technology in order to survive your business in the market.

The technology changed each and every aspect of the way that the business operated never before. In order to enhance your knowledge, here are some ways that can help you to know how smart tech changed the business:

12 tips to secure your smart residence and IoT devices - GRMobile solutions 

With the change in technology, the mobile web browser becomes a convenient option for the businessman to operate their business from anywhere they want. You can easily handle every aspect of your business if you have your smart tech device or tablet loaded with the right software. Whether you want to know about the customer relations or you want to check out the process of sales enablement and content marketing, it becomes easy for you to monitor your business works from anywhere with the help of smart technology. At present, more and more people are using the smartphone and tablet devices to buy, sell, and find the local business that can have a great impact on your business. So, it is important for you to adopt new and advanced technology in your busies so that you can maintain better relations with your customers.

Cloud computing 

Cloud computing generally allow small or large businesses to move some of their operations effectively to third party servers through internet connectivity. It allows rapid expansion and mobility without having any stress and fear of crashes, downtime, and permanent lost data. It also allows the variable data packages to the business and you can easily choose the one best for your needs and requirements. Apart from this, cloud computing also allows the small businesses to access the resources that have been generally cost prohibited in the past and 10kb Malaysia allows you to bring high growth and success in your business.


The smart tech also increases the comfort and ease that allow people to stay connected with each other. Whether you want to send targeted promotional email blasts to the customer or you want your employees or co-worker available through calls and text at the moment’s notice, the rise of the mobile technology can help you to fulfil all your needs in an effective manner. Now, you can easily communicate with your colleagues and employees with effective communication software and able to provide real time information without having any issues.

Increase productivity and decrease the cost 

It becomes important for all small and large scale organizations to adopt smart technology because it allows you to increase your employee productivity and also helps to reduce the overall cost of production so that you can enjoy high profit and success in your business.

Helpful ideas for wedding gift

BANGKOK Hua Hin Pre Wedding Photography (Momento Photography) | Photog

Every time a friend or someone special get married, looking for a unique, useful gift is the most intimidating thing we face. When the couple is special to you, the intimidations increases even more. The wedding gift should also express your love for them and how much you understood the person or couple. It is mandatory to crack your head to come up with unique gift ideas garden wedding. Its far more intimidating right? No, it is just a piece of cake if you actually know the way of choosing a gift. Proper researching just opens the door to reach the suitable gift garden wedding malaysia

Some of the best wedding gift ideas are listed below. 


Before moving the next step, understand your budget. When you start exploring the gift, you may be easily persuaded and exceed your budget. Since zillions of options available which suits our budget, there is no point in exceeding your budget. 

Start early:

Instead of starting the selection process at the end, it is better to start early. You get more time and explore wide range of options. Make sure the gifts you are searching for suits your budget. As a wise move, start your selection process before a month. With the ample of time, you can think better and fish out the best option you have. 

Cash or gift coupons:

Cash or gift coupons are worth considering option. Lately, all the brands are offering gift coupons. If you are well aware of the favorite brand of couple’s, you can gift a coupon to the couple. They can add the things that miss in their shelves with your coupons. This sort of gifts is increased amongst this generation. 


Valuables such as gems or others are worth considering option for wedding gift. Since they can be kept and worn for a long span of time, the couples do remember you for extended time. The values possess resale value, the couples can make money when it gets outdated. 

A day at five-star inn:

The couples usually drained out of energy after their marriage. Offering them a chance to stay at five-star Inn is a worth considering option. The couples can relax and have good time. Scrutinize all the facilities offered in the inn before gifting a day stay to the couple. If you are satisfied with those options, you can move further. 

Check e-commerce:

If you are still not convinced with any gifts, check the e-commerce websites available. Spending time on exploring all the options on e-commerce lets you fish out an effectual option. Some couples are tech savvies whereas others might be interested in cooking, photography etc. Depends on their nature, find out a gift. 

Buying from e-commerce is also an effectual option to consider. Just few taps, the gift comes with gift wrap and along with your personalized text. Before buying it, make sure you have scrutinized the reviews and satisfied with product caliber.

Hope this article had passed the light of screening an effectual gift for the newlywed. 

Reasons to open an online casino

Reasons to open an online casino

Gone are the days when people had no choice to play gambling games instead of going to a land based casino. With the increasing tools and technology, the internet makes it very easy and convenient for people to fulfill all their gambling needs effectively. The number of ace96 Singapore online casinos is going on increasing day by day because the online casinos provide great comfort and convenience to people while playing casino games. 

How slot machines work – and why you should think twice before playing them

The online casinos do not only allow people to play their favorite games but also helps to receive a lot of rewards and bonuses on several casino games that make them happy and satisfied. There are a large number of an entrepreneur tends to choose the internet when it comes to open a casino because online casinos attract a lot of players from all around the world. Most of the online gambling sites have lots of benefits instead of drawbacks because it helps the casino owners to make a lot of money by starting their casino online. Here are some of the reasons why the entrepreneur prefers to establish online casinos:

Easy to entertain the customers 

As a comparison to land based casinos, online casinos attract a lot of customers from all around the world. So, most entrepreneurs prefer to start online casinos because they want to attract a lot of people toward their business that can help them to win a lot of profit. Once the players create their account on the online casino then it becomes beneficial for the casino owners to gain high popularity in the market and helps to earn a lot of profit. In addition to this, most of the online casino sites also provide a lot of bonuses and rewards to the players who deposit more money into the casino so that the player and casino both can get make money. 

Less expense 

Maintain and establishing online casinos is very easy and effective rather than the land based casino. You do not have to have to spend a lot of money on establishing the online casino and it is one of the main reasons why most entrepreneurs prefer to start the online casinos. You do not have to pay for the cost of employees and electricity and rent bills that bring a lot of benefits to the casino owners. 

More winning brings more profit 

When it comes to the number of betting machines then the online casinos do not require the physical space to set up machines. So, the games on the online casinos are uploaded on the online casino site and the casino owner makes more profit when a large number of players visit the casino site and play the casino games. 

Easy to advertise 

Marketing is one of the most effective strategies that can help the online casino owners to advertise their casino on the online platform. Establishing the online casino can bring a lot of profit for the casino owner and you do not have to take a lot of effort to run the casino on the internet. 

Important Things To Know About Best Apps For Productivity

Important Things To Know About Best Apps For Productivity In Computer

As in today’s world, there is a lot of demand for productivity from everyone and hence every person should build up productivity in themselves. As many people are addicted to the use of computers, so you can also develop your productivity by using the best marketing business system apps for productivity in your computer. Many definitions of productivity differ from person to person. Anyone can build productivity in any way as the person wants.


What is productivity?

The definition of productivity differs according to people’s mindset. Some people think that productivity means getting more things done in a shorter amount of time. But this definition puts too much emphasis on quantity rather than quality. The best type of productivity is getting the right things done at the right time despite getting more things done. Productivity is a combination of input of efforts and output that you get. Some people think that being busy is a sign of being productive but this is not always the truth. You don’t need any educational qualifications to be busy, anyone can be busy with any work not always be productive work. But to be a productive individual, you need to get the right things done at the correct time.

The 10 Best Online Courses on Digital Marketing (Free & Paid)

Tips to improve productivity:

There are certain tips which you can follow to improve productivity. This includes-

  • Leverage the power of habits- When you try to build comprehensive business system a habit out of the things you want to be productive, you will be able to make a routine and work on it for a longer time and can get new ideas.
  • Start multitasking the mundane stuff- When you don’t do unnecessary things that are not mandatory, it can save your lot of time which you can spend in doing productive works.
  • Add deadlines to make yourself accountable- When you fix a particular time for a particular task, you become more sincere and try to complete that task within that deadline.
  • Take a break- Taking a break is highly essential to make you more productive. You can sleep at that time which will help you to get more ideas and become more creative.
  • You can download productivity apps on your computer-. Many apps can be used to increase your productivity skills and you can download the apps easily in your windows or MacBook.

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Best apps for productivity in computer

There are the best apps for productivity that you can download on your computer to enhance your productivity. The first app is Todoist, which will help you to organize your day to day tasks. It has the best 10kb app features like natural Language interpretation. In this, you can easily categorize your daily projects to be organized. Google calendar can also be a productive app to list out your daily schedule. The third best productivity app is ClickUp, it will help you to manage your projects and set them according to the dates and time.

The best note-taking app is Evernote in which you can take notes of some important things and check it out when you need it. To write a book or a note, you can use a Scrivener app and it is one of the best apps that you can make use of for doing any productive work.


Surf Movies You Can’t-Miss

Surely just by watching the trailers of these surf movies, you will want to see the tapes in full.

Bustin ‘down the door

This documentary filmed in 2008 tells how a group of young surfers from Australia and South Africa first discovered the giant waves of the Hawaiian North Shore back in the 70s of the last century. The natives of Hawaii were not very excited about foreigners boasting waves that they consider theirs, and that is one of the central axes of the film.

Riding Giants

This is the quintessential movie about giant wave surfing. This 2004 film is a documentary shot by Stacey Peralta in which surfers such as Greg Noll, Laird Hamilton, Jeff Clark, and Mickey Muñoz appear. Also noteworthy is an outstanding soundtrack featuring David Bowie himself.

Blue horizon

Blue Horizon is a film shot in 2003 by Jack McCoy, which narrates two different ways of understanding surfing: that of free surfer Dave Rastovich and that of competition surfer Andy Irons.

Spirit of Akasha 

Spirit of Akasha, an Australian documentary filmed to celebrate 40 years of the classic surf movie Morning of the Earth and is presented as a new reference in the fusion between surf, music, and film.

Storm Surfers 3D

Storm Surfers 3D, is an Australian documentary about the journey of surfers Ross Clarke-Jones and Tom Carroll, in search and conquest of the biggest waves in Australia.